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What is HITL and how does it work?

HITL is the Huntsville Industrial Tennis League. Though the word "Industrial" is in the title, the League has both company-sponsored and independent teams. The league is a non-profit organization. Dues(currently $10 per player per Team) are used solely to operate the league and to provide for trophies/t-shirts and other benefits for the league members.

Teams are composed of players with similar USTA or USTA-equivalent ratings, though a team is allowed to have a spread of 1 rating point on its roster. A player should have a USTA rating, or may receive the equivalent of a USTA rating from a local teaching professional. The league will provide new players with contact information for teaching professionals who will rate HITL players.

All teams play a 19-20 week season, starting in mid-April and running through the end of August. There are 9-10 dual team matches during the season, with the teams having two weeks to play all matches.


What is the playing format?

Teams are placed into divisions where the teams should be of approximately equal strength. The divisions are generally composed of six teams, allowing for a double round robin format. Division standings are kept through the season, and awards are given to the members of each division winning team.

Each team match consists of 6 singles and 3 doubles matches. For each match, one team will be the home team and will supply the balls. The individuals scheduled to play in each round will contact their opponents and agree upon a place and time to play. If a location cannot be agreed upon, matches are to be played at the Huntsville Tennis Center.

The league also sponsors a Fall tournament, where the members compete as individuals also obtain awards.


Who can join?

The league is open to any USTA rated or equivalent rated player living in the Huntsville area who is willing to play. If a player has not been formally rated by the USTA or a teaching professional then the league will offer that individual the name and contact information of a tennis teaching professional that can assign the player a preliminary rating for the season.


What are the advantages of HITL?
  • The cost is modest, roughly $10 per player per Team for the whole season.
  • Each round offers six singles playing opportunities and six doubles opportunities, providing more singles participation than other formats.
  • HITL offers a long playing season, from April to August with tournament play extending into October.
  • You schedule your own matches with your opponent when and where its convenient for you.
  • Members of the league and their families can attend the HITL party, which usually held in late October or early November. Food and drink are free the party and awards will be issued.

How do I find out about joining or starting a team?

Contact the HITL League Coordinator via e-mail at coordinator@hitl.org for information on forming or joining a team.

How do I get HITL rating?

If you are new to HITL and do not currently have a USTA NTRP computer rating, you will need to attend a HITL rating session before you play your first match. Please contact a private rater below to schedule a session for $10.

Private Raters

Alice Daniel

Andres Buse



Frequently Asked Questions

What is HITL and how does it work?
What is the playing format?
Who can join?
What are the advantages of HITL?
How do I find out about joining or starting team?
Who can I contact for more information?

Important Documents

HITL Tournament Rules
Constitution (pdf)
Constitution (ms word)
Rules in Summary
The Rules in Depth
Code of Ethics


Basic Facts About Racquets

  • A heavier frame generates more power.
  • A heavier frame vibrates less.
  • A heavier frame has a larger sweet spot.
  • A stiffer frame generates more power.
  • A stiffer frame has a larger sweet spot.
  • A stiffer frame transmits more of the shock load to the arm than a more flexible frame.
  • A stiffer frame provides a more uniform ball response across the entire string plane.
  • A larger frame generates more power.
  • A larger frame is more resistant to twisting.
  • A larger frame has a larger sweet spot

- United States Racquet Stringers Association