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HITL 2010 & 2011 Announcements

HITL, the Huntsville Industrial Tennis League is a local non-profit, spring to fall, tennis league in the Huntsville Alabama area. We offer a unique playing format that stresses affordability, flexibility, and competition.  Play usually starts in April and extends through September each year.  The league is based in Huntsville (map), located in Northeast Alabama along I-65 and Hwy 72.



HITL Tournament - Round 3 Results (Updated 2011-10-16)

See results for Round 3 here: HITL 2011 Tournament - Round 3 Results

REMINDER! HITL End of Season Party on Saturday, October 15th

Please remind all of your players about the HITL party coming up on Saturday 10/15/2011 from 11:00 to 2:00. The party is upstairs at Huntsville Tennis Center, and is open to all HITL players and their families.

We’ll have free pizza and drinks.

We’ll also be giving out the end-of-season prizes to the division winners and to the tournament winners (first place for doubles and 1st & 2nd place for singles). This year’s prizes are caps made from a moisture wicking material.

HITL Tournament - Round 2 Results (Updated 2011-10-05)

See results for Round 2 here: HITL 2011 Tournament - Round 2 Results

HITL Tournament - Round 1 Results (Updated 2011-09-21)

See results for Round 1 here: HITL 2011 Tournament - Round 1 Results

HITL Tournament

See tournament brackets here: HITL 2011 Tournament Brackets

Rules are same as in the past:
  • Both players/teams bring a new can of balls. The winner gets the new can, and the loser gets the opened can.
  • Matches for each round must be played by the end date posted in the brackets, or any unplayed matches may be scored as a double default.
  • You can play matches early if your opponent(s) is available to do so.
  • Results should be sent immediately following the match to: vicepresident@hitl.org. The results will be posted to the HITL webpage every couple of days.
  • Please see the notes below about players needed for extra brackets. If you have any extra players available, please send their names to: vicepresident@hitl.org

HITL End of Season Party

The HITL end-of-season party has been scheduled for 10/15/2011 at HTC from 11:00-2:00. Free pizza and drinks will be provided to all HITL players and their family. The division winners and the tournament winners can pick up their prizes at the party. This year, the prizes are wicking type caps.

The end-of-season tournament has also been scheduled. The tournament will start 9/7 and will run thru 10/14 (div 2 singles will run a little longer). The length of each round will be 2 weeks and will shorten towards the end of the tournament.

Ashok is working on the tournament seeding. Once he has that done, we will post that on the HITL website and players can begin playing anytime after the brackets are posted. Further details will be sent out when the brackets are available.

As before, the winners of each doubles bracket, and the finalists in each singles bracket, will get a prize.

Round 1 Extended

We realize that it may be hard for everyone to complete their matches this first round, and that HITL isn't necessarily the first priority for many of us right now, so we have decided to extend the completion date for the first round to the end of the 3rd round (6/7/2011). We will keep the rest of the schedule "as is" (i.e the 2nd round will still start on 5/11/2011). This change just gives everyone some extra time to complete their first round matches. Please let your players know of this change.

Important upcoming dates for the HITL 2011 Season

  • (5/2/2011) Rosters and schedule are now available for download. Ask your captain or the league coordinator for access details.

  • Initial rosters due to me by 4/13/2011

  • Captain’s meeting 4/18/2011 at 5:30 at HTC

  • Play starts 4/20/2011
Team dues are $110.

HITL Players Party - Saturday October 16th, 2010!

Final reminder - HITL end-of-season party on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 from 11:30 to 2:00 upstairs at the Huntsville Tennis Center.

We will be providing pizza and drinks. The party is open to all HITL players and their families.

If you won a t-shirt in the tournament, you can pick it up at the party.

Note: there is a TV there, so you can watch football.

Final Results Available!

The final results from the tournament are now available. See who won each division by downloading the results from the HITL 2010 Tournament Results link.

Tournament Draws Posted

The tournament draws have been posted and be downloaded via this link

Rules are the same as usual:

  • You must complete your match by the end of the round
  • You can play the next round early if your opponent(s) agree
  • Report your scores ASAP to Ashok (ar2@cfdrc.com)
  • The brackets will be posted, and kept up-to-date, on the HITL webpage
  • For a match, both players (teams) bring a new can of balls. The winner gets the unopened can, and the loser gets the opened ca.n
  • T-shirts will go to the first and second places in each singles brackets, and to the winning team in each doubles bracket

Captain's Meeting

There will be a captain’s meeting 8/11/2010 at 5:30 at Huntsville Tennis Center.

2010 Results

The latest results as of August 15th, 2010 have been posted.

Captain's Meeting

The Captain's meeting will be held on Monday, 4/12 at Huntsville Athletic Club (HAC) at 6:00 PM in the upstairs meeting room.

- Pay team dues ($100)
- Elect new President, Web Master
- Decide on Team Divisions
- Assign Division Coordinators
- Vote on team prizes
- Vote on any constitutional amendments


2010 Important Dates

4/7  Initial rosters due to the League Coordinator by email

4/12  Captain's meeting (set divisions, vote on team prizes, officer elections, pay $100 team dues)

4/14  Play begins (1st round is 3 weeks, others are normal 2 weeks)


Officers Needed!

We need volunteers to take over the following positions:


Web Master

Division Coordinators

Please seriously consider volunteering for one of these positions and/or trying to get someone from your team to volunteer.  There are lots of people who have been in HITL for several years and should be able to help with these positions.  Voting will be held at the captain's meeting on 4/12.


Teams are forming now!

Please contact the League Coordinator if you plan to form a new team or will continue a team from last year.  Initial team rosters are due by 4/7. 

The 2010 HITL Flyer can be found here.  Please print it out and post it at your work or local park.


3/10  2010 Kick-off Meeting

Huntsville Tennis Center (HTC) 6:00 PM


Officer election voting
Set tentative dates for season
Set dues
Flyer review
Vote on team prizes

All officers and captains are invited.  We will vote on team prizes.

2010 Season Teams Now Forming!

2010 eams are now forming and play will begin in mid April.  If you are interested in playing but are not already on a team, please email the League Coordinator in the Contacts section.  Please provide your:


Preferred email address

Phone number and

NTRP rating (or self rating)

Most beginners are 3.0.  Also indicate if you would be willing to captain a team.  In late March or early April, you will be contacted by a team captain and invited to play on their team.

Have a great season!